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Can you use JUNIT for unit testing an SBB or RA? (Dev Portal)
How do you use JUNIT for doing the unit testing of SBB and RA, or is there any other method for doing unit testing? It is really up to your own inventiveness as to the best way to implement a testing framework. One way that works for us ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
Does Eclipse require any special configuration for OC code? (Dev Portal)
Recently I installed the Eclipse plugin for JAIN JSLEE from Opencloud but I am having trouble modifying the existing code (even the code examples provided with Rhino) through eclipse. When I try to modify SBB through the "Modify ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
KB SLEE Development Tools (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB entries related to SLEE Development Tools KB Entries
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
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