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Can I install Rhino on java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj) (Dev Portal)
Can I install Rhino on java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj)? I am installing rhino1.4.5 on one Sun t2000 machine which is running ubuntu linux. When I go to set JAVAHOME, here is the error message ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Connecting to Rhino failed with AccessControlException - access denied (Dev Portal)
Why is the connection to Rhino failing with: AccessControlException: access denied? WARN org.mortbay.util.ThreadedServer$Acceptor access denied ( accept,resolve) at a:269) The default installation of Rhino is strict about which remote machines may ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Installing Rhino under the root account (Dev Portal)
typical to deploy Rhino in a developers account or should Rhino be installed as root? We strongly recommend you never install Rhino as root. Install Rhino under a particular users account. When using it for development purposes each developer often ...
Other labels: kb-entry
KB Installing and Uninstalling (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB Entries related to installing and uninstalling Rhino SLEE KB Entries
Other labels: kb-entry
Missing JAVA_HOME environment variable on Windows (Dev Portal)
I tried to install Rhino SDK for Windows XP but I have got an error here concerning the execution of the setup.bat script which seems to be unable to find Java. The java version I have installed here is 1.4 and 1.5 ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Problems on Starting Rhino - UnknownHostException (Dev Portal)
Rhino fails to start with an UnknownHostException. ERROR savanna.stack Failed to initialize Savanna com.opencloud.ob.rhino.adn: Failed to create cluster and state distribution groups ... Caused by: com.opencloud.util.exception.ConfigException: Failed to generate a node hash ... Caused by: opencloudDUT: opencloudDUT ... Rhino is trying to resolve ...
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-entry
Quesions of connecting to multiple postgreSQL DBs (Dev Portal)
I have changed the rhinoconfig.xml according to the admin manual for multiple postgreSQL DBs. But the rhino is not able to connenct to the DB of the other node. Also if I try to ./initmanagementdb \h "othernode" I get a connection refused. You have to modify postgresql.conf ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-entry
Rhino Startup Fails with Not Enough Space (Dev Portal)
Rhino Startup Fails with Not Enough Space, why? INFO <main> Generating profile implementation INFO <main> Compiling generated profile specification common classes Not enough space at java.lang.UNIXProcess.forkAndExec(Native Method) at java.lang.UNIXProcess.<init ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Solaris init.d script for Rhino (Dev Portal)
Can you provide a Solaris init.d script for starting/stopping Rhino? For the demo purpose only. An example of the Solaris init.d script is as following. NOTE: This is only for demo purpose! There are a couple of variables at the top of the file which you will need to edit ...
Other labels: kb-entry
UnsatisfiedLinkError whilst deploying examples (Dev Portal)
We installed OpenCloud Rhino on a Solaris 9. When we tried to deploy an example (the jcc) we got the following error: bash2.05# ant Buildfile: build.xml buildjccra: mkdir Created dir: /rhino/examples/jcc/library copy ...
Other labels: kb-entry
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