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Delimeter events in CAP and IS41 (Dev Portal)
When should we expect delimiter events? What is the purpose of delimiter events? As you know many operations may be sent in one TCAP message. Delimiters allow you to control the boundaries of the TCAP message. Operations and/or responses are queued on a dialog ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Do we need two IS41 RA entities, one for receiving and one for sending messages? (Dev Portal)
We will be receiving ORREQ, ANYLZD invoke, SERVREQ, FAVAIL and sending LOCREQ, MSGDIR. Do we need two IS41 RA entities, one for receiving and one for sending messages? One RA entity can both send and receive messages ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
How does the IS41 RA report an error of an Operation timing out? (Dev Portal)
I have following setup: Host1 Host2 /\ /\ App/RA backend/ulticom <> Ulticom/backend Nohlr \/ \/ The application is sending a Location request from Host1 to Hosts2. But there is no hlr simulator running on Host2. So this request should fail. Somehow however ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
In IS41 scenario, SBB fails to find ACI (Dev Portal)
following code is throwing an exception when it tries to lookup "acifactory". public void setSbbContext(SbbContext context) { super.setSbbContext(context); try catch (NamingException e) { if (log.isDebugEnabled()) } } Here is the exception: 20070123 18:22:49,118 DEBUG,, StageWorker/7 ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
IS41 backend control (Dev Portal)
rhinobackendcontrol which comes with the IS41 compatible with other rhino backends (e.g CAP, MAP)? In other words, can every protocol (IS41, CAP, MAP) share the same rhinobackendcontrol or will each protocol have its own backend and backendcontrol processes ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Using IS41 RA's MessageFactory (Dev Portal)
HLRSbb example only demonstrates incoming messages, could you please provide me example for sending LocationRequest(LOCREQ) and MessageDirective(MSGDIR)?   You need to use the IS41 RA's MessageFactory. This is obtained from the IS41Provider, which in itself is obtained by the SBB ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Why are there no *Ind messages in IS41 (Dev Portal)
CAP and MAP APIs have Ind and Req messages, for receiving from the network and sending to the network. IS41 only has Req (for example OriginationRequestReq). Please explain the difference.   The design of the IS41 RA differs slightly from the MAP and CAP RAs ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
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