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Database connection errors and Java security (Dev Portal)
When I deploy an RA that connects to a database I get a {{com.mysql.jdbc.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure}} exception. In the descriptor {{ocresourceadaptor.xml}} I grant 'AllPermission'. If I change the Rhino policy file and grant 'AllPermission' too, the RA works fine ...
Other labels: kb-security, kb-database, kb-integration, kb-entry
Do I need to use Rhino database datasource? (Dev Portal)
I don't want to use Rhino datasource and Rhino to manage my database connection. Can I get another datasource (eg, from Spring) and manage the connection directly from a RA or SBB? You only really need to use ...
Other labels: kb-transactions, kb-rhino-slee, kb-database, kb-entry
How does Rhino set JDBC parameters? (Dev Portal)
file rhinoconfig.xml defines a JDBC parameter like: <parameter> <paramname>URL</paramname> <paramtype>java.lang.String</paramtype> <paramvalue>jdbc:user://</paramvalue> </parameter> ...does Rhino try to set the URL parameter by using the "setURL(String url ...
Other labels: kb-integration, kb-entry
Is it possible to connect to an Oracle database using a connection pool? (Dev Portal)
possible to connect to an Oracle database using a connection pool? Also, is it possible to create an object containing a connection cache, accessible to all instances of the SBBs? You can define a connection pool in {{rhinoconfig.xml}} like this: <jdbc> <jndiname>OracleDatabase ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-integration, kb-entry
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