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Controlling use of network interfaces (Dev Portal)
Typically our production machines have 4 network interfaces and we need to control which interface is used for SLEE cluster traffic. Is this controlled by the machines' multicast configuration or is there a different mechanism? Is it also tied in with key generation? This issue came to light ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-clustering
How can I disable mutlicast traffic in Rhino? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd For testing purposes only, can I disable the multicast messages sent by Rhino on a deployment of a single node? Multicast traffic should not have any relevant impact on the network (even with one node deployments) There is no way to deactivate multicast ...
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-entry
Multicast traffic load of a Rhino cluster (Dev Portal)
What is the load in the multicast messages between the Rhino nodes. I suppose this size depends on what Rhino is doing (replicating a profile,...) but, what's the maximum and tokens' size? Tokens are on the order of 50 bytes. Maximum UDP datagram size is configurable and defaults ...
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-entry
Question on bandwidth of the Cluster LAN wrt boot-rate-limit and active-rate-limit (Dev Portal)
Gigabit Ethernet LAN, are the bootratelimit and activeratelimit parameters in rhinoconfig.xml need to be modified? bootratelimit and activeratelimit affect only TCPbased state exchange, not UDP multicast. activeratelimit is primarily there to avoid saturating the CPU on the sending side when the sending node is actively processing ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-clustering
Savanna needs route to Multicast address (Dev Portal)
Does Savanna need route to Multicast address? Rhino's clustering software requires that your system has a route to the multicast address range configured when you installed Rhino. Please make sure you have a route that matches that destination ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-clustering
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