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All content with label kb-operating-systems.
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Error when running Rhino on SuSE Linux (Dev Portal)
Using SuSE linux, I get "name: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" As a workaround, I changed Basically I unset the environment variable: LDASSUMEKERNEL=   That means ...
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-entry
How does a Sun server save logs when it loses power? (Dev Portal)
Do any of you know how a Sun x4600 machine saves logs (in syslog or any other place) when it loses power?   It seems that prtdiag shows PSU status only on Sparc machines. On the x4x00 servers you can connect ...
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-entry with JDK1.5 on Solaris 10 (Dev Portal)
During the execution of, the following appears: Creating key pairs for common services keytool error: CKRKEYSIZERANGE Exporting the certificates into the public keystore for service distribution Certificate was added to keystore keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Input not an X.509 ...
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-entry
KB Operating Systems (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB entries related to Operating Systems and Rhino KB Entries
Other labels: kb-platforms, kb-entry
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