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All content with label kb-ra-development+kb-rhino-slee.
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Does additional entities of the same RA improve Rhino's performance? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Rhino allows to use more than one SIP RA (or other) in parallel by creating more RA entities. However, will this decrease/improve Rhino's performance? For example, we could have a SIP load balancer distributing messages ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
What happens if an RA fires an event not declared in resource-adaptor-jar.xml? (Dev Portal)
I am building a Resource Adaptor and have declared all events fired by the RA at deploy time in the resourceadaptorjar.xml file. What happens if I fire an event not declared in the xml file? All the events fired by a resource adaptor should ...
Other labels: kb-classloading, kb-entry, kb-rhino-classloading
Why am I unable to undeploy a RA? (Dev Portal)
Why am I unable to undeploy a RA? Rhino console output: "Resource adaptor entity MyRA moved to deactivating state." The most likely cause is that there are still live activities that were created by the RA. The SLEE will not move the RA to INACTIVE until ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
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