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Can replication fail even if a Profile update transaction commits? (Dev Portal)
When I use Profile management function from the Web GUI or CLI and add (or update or delete) one profile record, replication to all cluster members will be done in one Transaction. Can replication fail if the transaction commits? No. Replication can't ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-entry
Deployment problem on exceeding DB size (Dev Portal)
I have seen a deployment problem: Unable to prepare due to size limits of the DB when I try to deploy the DU, any idea? Is there a chance to figure out which components are the largest? If deployment is unsuccessful this is possibly due to the size restriction ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-entry
Deployment problem with an RA that uses a Native Library (Dev Portal)
When we undeploy then deploy an RA in Rhino that uses a native library, and then activate an RA entity we get a failure "Native Library already loaded in another classloader". Each time you deploy the RA, it happens ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How can I back up Rhino? (Dev Portal)
How can I back up Rhino so that in the event of system crash we can restore the Rhino System. You have a number of options depending on what type of backup/restore functionality you need. # If you are using something ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How do I clean up Rhino's work directory? (Dev Portal)
I would like to cleanup the rhino installation. There is a lot under rhino deployment. I reset the management db. Can I reset this folder somehow? It is safe to delete work/tmp and work/deployment if you reset the management database. For development ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How do I deploy two Rhino nodes in parallel? (Dev Portal)
We are trying to streamline our Rhino deployments by having our ant deployment script perform the deployment of two rhino nodes in parallel. The deployment fails with the following exception on node 101. We later get another exception on node 102 ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How do I use MySQL Connector Mbean? (Dev Portal)
I was looking at the MySQL site when I bumped into MySQL Connector/MXJ Mbean. Is it a problem to support it on the JSLEE platform? MySQL seems to work.. # Copy connectormxj.jar into <RhinoSDK>/lib. # Edit <RhinoSDK>/config/mlet.conf. Add the following at the top: <mlet ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How should I configure threshold rules to fire an alarm? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd I configured a threshold rule with trigger conditions and an alarm but Rhino doesn't seem to ever fire the alarm or write anything in the logs. How should I activate threshold rules? Have you set a rule scan ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Is it possible to connect to two Rhino instances from a single management client? (Dev Portal)
possible to connect to two Rhino instances from a single management client? Connecting to two Rhino instances from a single management client is possible, but it requires a bit of effort tweaking configuration files since it is not something we generally support. The simplest ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Is there an API to do prefix matches of Profiles? (Dev Portal)
We create a profile, say "restriction list", and this profile contains 1000 profile records. SBB code must compare the value of "CalledPartyBCDNumer" in IDP with the "restriction list". If the first n digits of "CalledPartyBCDNumer" match any of "Dialed Number" of the "restriction list ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-entry
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