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AccessControlException connecting console client to Rhino (Dev Portal)
We are seeing an AccessControlException when connecting to Rhino from the rhinoconsole running on a remote machine. access denied ( xxx.yyy.zzz.www:10481 accept,resolve) at a:264) at ... By default, Rhino is strict about which hosts it accepts ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-security
Are licenses enforced on a per-node basis or per-cluster? (Dev Portal)
license enforced on a pernode basis or percluster? The license is enforced percluster. You may have as many nodes/CPUs in the cluster as you want, as long as you do not exceed the throughput limit for the entire cluster. No centralized key server is used, the license ...
Other labels: kb-licensing, kb-entry
Are usage stats aggregated together across the entire cluster? (Dev Portal)
I was under the impression that the usage stats collected on a service which is not replicated would only represent individual pegs on a specific node within the cluster. However, it appears that the usage stats pegged via services which are not replicated are still aggregated together ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
Best Practice for File Access from Rhino (Dev Portal)
I am designing a charging component and want to provide as a first step a simple file writer in the SLEE. Is this in general allowed in the Rhino Container? What about file locations? Is there any restriction to that? Is there something like an application context in a web server ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-entry
Can I disable automatic rollover of log files when a node starts? (Dev Portal)
We are using the trace facility of rhino to log all the informative data in a separate log file. When ever we restart Rhino, it creates a new log file. Actually as per our requirement, it should rollback the log file only ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-entry
Can I install Rhino on java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj) (Dev Portal)
Can I install Rhino on java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj)? I am installing rhino1.4.5 on one Sun t2000 machine which is running ubuntu linux. When I go to set JAVAHOME, here is the error message ...
Other labels: kb-installation, kb-entry
Can I use a database other than PostgreSQL? (Dev Portal)
Can I use a database other than PostgreSQL? For example, I want to access an Oracle database from my service.   Rhino requires PostgreSQL for internal use, such as storing Rhino configuration and deployable units, and synchronizing the Main Working ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-entry
Can license warnings be supressed? (Dev Portal)
We noticed some exceptions were thrown for informational purposes when we exceed the license key limits. Can this be suppressed? Our understanding was that calls would be allowed to complete even if the limit was exceeded. There would just be a report generated. From ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-licensing
Can replication fail even if a Profile update transaction commits? (Dev Portal)
When I use Profile management function from the Web GUI or CLI and add (or update or delete) one profile record, replication to all cluster members will be done in one Transaction. Can replication fail if the transaction commits? No. Replication can't ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-database, kb-entry
Can we use log4j in our SLEE services? (Dev Portal)
Can we use log4j in our SLEE services? Will it be compliant to SLEE? You can use log4j. However the SLEE specification does not say anything about it being provided by the SLEE itself. In Rhino 1.4.2, if you want to build a portable ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-entry
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