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AccessControlException connecting console client to Rhino (Dev Portal)
We are seeing an AccessControlException when connecting to Rhino from the rhinoconsole running on a remote machine. access denied ( xxx.yyy.zzz.www:10481 accept,resolve) at a:264) at ... By default, Rhino is strict about which hosts it accepts ...
Other labels: kb-entry
How does a component specific security permissions relates to other components permissions? (Dev Portal)
JSLEE component was granted with specific security permissions, how does this relates with the SLEE permissions and the interaction with other components? Java will use the intersection of all permissions in the call stack up to the last {{AccessController.doPrivileged()}}. If you want to use only the permissions of the component ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Is it possible to change the IP address on Rhino? (Dev Portal)
possible to change the IP address on a box running a SLEE node as long as we make the appropriate changes in the configvariables file for the affected node and do a restart? Any issues with Postgres that you are aware of when we do this? Yes, this is fine. Postgres ...
Other labels: kb-entry
KB Security and Permissions (Dev Portal)
Introduction KB entries related to Security and Permissions in Rhino SLEE KB Entries
Other labels: kb-entry
NoRouteToHostException connecting console client to Rhino from localhost (Dev Portal)
We have restarted the server and it is running without any exceptions. But when we try to start the console client we get the following exception: Interactive Rhino Management Shell Connecting to localhost:1199 as user admin Login failed ...
Other labels: kb-entry
SBBs with additional permissions (Dev Portal)
How to grant additional permissions to an SBB? To grant permissions you'll need to define them in the deployment descriptor of the SBB. You could grant a FilePermission for your SBB for example. There's an example of granting extra permissions to a JAIN SLEE 1.0 ...
Other labels: slee-programming, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
Security Problem with AspectJ (Dev Portal)
I am getting classloader permission exceptions with Aspectj. From the stack trace I believe that Aspectj tries to get the classloader. The Aspectj runtime is deployed using a library. That library jar has classloader permission. Now the code weaving during ...
Other labels: kb-entry
What's wrong with my RA security permissions? (Dev Portal)
I have got an RA that, when trying to connect to a MySQL database, produces the following exception: JDBCRA Database Connection Failed! com.mysql.jdbc.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure due to underlying exception: BEGIN NESTED EXCEPTION MESSAGE: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException ...
Other labels: kb-entry
Why does Rhino prevent me connecting to a socket from a SBB? (Dev Portal)
Why does Rhino prevent me connecting to a socket from a SBB, even when is granted in ocsbbjar.xml? Or is such communication only possible within a RA? I was wondering if Web Service access is possible from Rhino, and if so, how? If given ...
Other labels: kb-entry
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