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2 Managing the SLEE (REM 1v1 Documentation)
Author jonh REMGuide Managing state, alarms, deployment, profiles, resources, and services The Element Manager lets you manage state , alarms , deployment , profiles , resources , services , and usage through its webbased GUI. State The SLEE specification defines ...
Other labels: rhino_documentation
3 Configuring Rhino (REM 1v1 Documentation)
Author jonh REMGuide Configuring rules, limiters, licenses, logging, pools, staging queue, and SNMP The Element Manager lets you configure threshold rules , rate limiters , licenses , logging , object pools , staging queue , SNMP , and auditing through ...
Other labels: rhino_documentation
4 Inspecting SLEE runtime state (REM 1v1 Documentation)
Author jonh REMGuide Inspecting activities, SBBs, timers, transactions, and threads The Element Manager lets you view a summary #summary, filtered #filter list, and details #details of the runtime state of SLEE items (and remove #remove them) through its ...
Other labels: rhino_documentation
Appendix A. Known issues in REM (REM 1v1 Documentation)
Author tspall REMGuide Click below for available explanations, solutions, and/or workarounds to known issues with the Rhino Element Manager: In the Rhino Elements Monitor, statistics don't display for Rhino 2.1 instances. Explanation The suggested "View Credentials" for new Rhino instances ...
Other labels: rhino_documentation
Appendix D. Running REM over HTTPS (REM 1v1 Documentation)
Author tbingaman REMGuide HTTPS for added security By default REM runs over HTTP in the bundled Jetty web server. If additional security is required, there are a couple ways in which REM can be run over HTTPS. Changing Jetty to Use HTTPS ...
Other labels: rhino_documentation
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