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Can a B2BUA & Proxy use the same SIP RA? (Dev Portal)
My application performs the header manipulation for B2BUA operations. If the B2BUA vs. Proxy behavior is maintained by application, could both applications use the same RA?   Yes, this is possible. You will need some logic in the applications so that the correct behaviour is used ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Cancel request not received (Dev Portal)
We are trying to receive a sip cancel request to a prior received initial invite from the same subscriber. Our server sends out a 100 and after having connected to a media server it sends 183 to the subscriber. After that the cancel comes from ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Cannot create SIP dialog using SUBSCRIBE (Dev Portal)
I'm trying to implement the SIP SUBSCRIBE request (RFC3265). This request is supposed to establish a SIP dialog if one has not already been established. In order to do this I have enclosed the following snippet of code: public void onSubscribeRequest(RequestEvent event ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Cannot create the RA via the JMX console (Dev Portal)
I cannot create an RA entity via the JMX console. I get the following error: com.opencloud.slee.ext.resource.ResourceException: Create failed: Node 101 failed: com.opencloud.slee.ext.resource.ResourceException: Cannot start resource adaptor entity at com.opencloud.ob.rhinosdk.kf.a(20312) ... Caused by: com.opencloud.slee.ext.resource.ResourceException: unable ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Classloader problem with CMP fields for Jain SIP Request and Response (Dev Portal)
During some of our tests we encountered some problems with CMP fields, the errors we were getting were always similar to this one: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.opencloud.ob.ocsip.b0 at at<init>(DashOB8895) at com.opencloud.ob.ocsip.m.createRequest(DashOB8895) ....... This happens when ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
ClassNotFoundException after adding a CMP field (Dev Portal)
After adding a CMP field of type javax.sip.address.Address and storing the address of the dialog.getRemoteParty() when getting/using it I got this exception in Rhino 1.4.2: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: at$ I can use the String CMP as a workaround: but is this expected ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Deployment error with event.jar that relies on SIP API (Dev Portal)
I have a service that defines some custom event. The even classes rely on the SIP API. If I do not add the SIP API classes to the eventjar I get a deployment error when the DU gets deployed it mentions the EVENT.JAR. ...
Other labels: slee-programming, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
Does OC SIP RA expect all X.509 certificates to be in the TrustStore? (Dev Portal)
I just wanted to confirm that the OC SIP RA expects all X.509 certificates of other nodes with which secure connections are to be established to be present in the TrustStore   A client MUST have the server's certificate in its truststore when it connects to the server. The server ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Does the SIP RA detect the loss of a connection? (Dev Portal)
Do you detect the loss of a connection? Do you notify the application?   The application will receive a SIP error response event from the SIP RA, if the RA is unable to send a request due to a connection failure. The application is isolated from the details of the underlying ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
Does the SIP RA support a ISC Header Factory? (Dev Portal)
Does the Rhino Jain SIP RA support a ISC Header Factory?   Our OCSIP RA includes support for the ISC headers. The JAIN SIP RA type itself doesn't include these headers, as the headers are not included JAIN SIP API. They are supported ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-entry
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