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Can an SBB store an ACI in a CMP field? (Dev Portal)
Can an SBB store an ACI in a CMP field? JSLEE 1.0 does not allow an SBB to store an ACI into a CMP field. However, JSLEE 1.1 does allow this. The method {{getActivities}} of the {{SbbContext}} class can also ...
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How do I monitor alarms raised in an SBB? (Dev Portal)
I raise an alarm from with a Resource Adaptor using the AlarmManager then this can be seen in the Rhino Web Console and cleared. But if I raise an alarm from within an SBB using the AlarmFacility then this is logged at the correct level but no alarm is raised ...
Other labels: slee-programming, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
How Do I Use Library Jars in SLEE 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document provides an overview of SLEE 1.1 library components and how they can be used to include external libraries in the SLEE. What is a Library Component? A library component is a SLEE component that provides a common set of functionality or resources to other components ...
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How Do I Use Stateful Alarms in SLEE 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Introduction Alarm management has changed significantly with Rhino 2.0. In SLEE 1.0, Alarms were stateless and the Alarm Facility was used by SBBs (and other components as determined by the SLEE vendor) to generate alarm notifications for management clients. In SLEE 1.1, Alarms ...
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How do I Use the Event Context in SLEE 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document provides an overview of the Event Context introduced in Rhino 2.0, how it can be used, and why you might want to do so. Event Context Overview Every event fired in a JAIN SLEE 1.1 SLEE has ...
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How Do I Use the New SLEE 1.1 CMP Types (Dev Portal)
Introduction This guide explains the new CMP types supported by SLEE 1.1 The SLEE architecture defines how a service can be composed of a series of SBB components. Each SBB component apart from defining e.g. the event types received and fired ...
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New SLEE 1.1 Profile Features (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document is intended to provide an overview Profiles in Rhino 2.0, Rhino 2.0 implements JAIN SLEE 1.1 Profiles. It highlights the enhancements made to 1.0 Profiles, describes how to use the new features in 1.1 Profiles and advises on changes ...
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SLEE 1.1 Resource Adaptors (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document contains a brief introduction to Resource Adaptors in Rhino 2.0. The intention here is not to provide a complete Resource Adaptor tutorial, but to highlight important features of the new Resource Adaptor API. More complete information on the Resource Adaptor API is available ...
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Tracing Made Easy in SLEE 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Introduction In the time since SLEE 1.0 was released, the {{TraceFacility}} has proved to be quite cumbersome to use in practice, and needed an overhaul to support new features in SLEE 1.1. Applicationlevel tracing was provided in SLEE 1.0 using the {{javax.slee.facilities.TraceFacility}} interface. This allowed ...
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