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All content with label application-compendium.
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Trombone Elimination (Dev Portal)
Efficiently routes calls to roamers, avoiding charges for diverts to voicemail or another mobile number. Normally, when a network diverts a call to a roaming subscriber, to their voicemail for example, voice circuits will "trombone out" to the visited network and back to the home network to get ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-charging
Turn it On or Off (Dev Portal)
Lets you turn an electrical appliance on or off by sending a text or voice interaction. Can also use voice interaction, for example to select among several appliances. Since it was getting dark and no one was at home, for security reasons, Betsy sent ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging
Universal Access Number (Dev Portal)
Also known as a "personal number" service, allocates customers a "personal number", separate from the network termination port address (telephone number) of a particular telephone line. Thereby provides a universal personal telecommunications service, reachable at the same number when ...
Other labels: app-fmc, app-fixed, app-mobile
User-Defined Routing (Dev Portal)
Lets a customer specify the network routing for outgoing calls, for example to choose particular longdistance carriers. The network tries the customer's firstchoice carrier for a call, and if not available then tries their second choice. An IT manager could negotiate the best rates from several ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-mobile, app-charging
USSD Gateway (Dev Portal)
Selects and orchestrates applications to fulfill USSD requests from the mobile device. USSD, a standard for transmitting information over GSMsignaling channels, is mostly used for querying available balance and similar information in prepaid GSM services. The function that the USSD application triggers ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-charging
Video Blog (Dev Portal)
Processes incoming multimedia calls, and stores recorded videos in a videoblog service. Releases content for others to view according to the subscribers account settings. Thanks to integration with the blogging community, video blogging bridges the Telecom and Internet worlds this application offers an ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-web, app-mobile
Video Call Completion (Dev Portal)
Processes incoming multimedia calls based on the called party presence status. For example, the application can redirect the video call to a media server to record a video message, in Personal Video Recording (PVR) fashion, when the called subscriber has presence ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-mobile
Videoconferencing (Dev Portal)
Supports popular multimediaconference communication methods for community voice and video information exchange. The service is well suited to both residential and enterprise markets. Key features include: voice and video support web configuration support of applicationinitiated and userinitiated conferences. A subscriber ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-fixed, app-multimedia
Video Messaging (Dev Portal)
Author jonh Captures, uploads, and downloads entire media clips as files, and sends them, as Multimedia Messages (MMS), to other users on PCs or mobile handsets. Sending MMS are like sending photos or sound clips (as opposed to mobile streaming of canned ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging, app-multimedia
Video Surveillance (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers monitor people, facilities, and assets — at home or at their enterprise premises. The application is supported on fixed and portable devices. Key features include: SIP and RTSP support motion detection alert subscriber through a message or a call pull and push models ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-mobile, app-fixed
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