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All content with label application-compendium.
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Real-Time Text (Dev Portal)
Provides realtime, textbased, telephony services — a solution for the hardofhearing, speechimpaired, and others who cannot use the full array of possibilities offered by cellphone technology (though this technology could also be attractive to the youth market). Other alternatives, such as text messaging, email ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging
Remind Me Where I Was (Dev Portal)
Lets you leave a voice message, tagged to your current location, and catalogued for future use. Then, when you want to get back there, you can look it up in the catalogue, and receive the route as well as the message you left about the place ...
Other labels: app-messaging, app-mobile, app-web, app
Reverse IM-SSF (Dev Portal)
primary function of Reverse IMSSF is to do protocol conversion between IN and IMS — so that IN users can use services which are implemented on the IMS. Unlike IMSSF, Reverse IMSSF is not specified in the IMS architecture. Reverse IMSSF provides connectivity and access to services ...
Other labels: app-fmc, app-fixed, app-mobile
Ringback Tone (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers use personalized tones or music, played as "Ringback Tones" (RBTs) to the calling parties. Users can select and prelisten to predefined tones. Once they select an RBT, that melody plays to the calling party until they pick up the phone ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-fixed, app-web
Roaming Detection (Dev Portal)
When roaming, distinguishes between calls from home and a visited country, and screens calls to: ensure only critical calls reach the roaming subscriber route noncritical calls to office, home, or voicemail numbers use a black/white list, for example ...
Other labels: app-mobile
SCIM (Dev Portal)
Service Capability Interaction Manager (SCIM) provides serviceinteraction and servicebrokering functionality for IMS networks: Service interaction lets operators selectively trigger and run multiple services on a single network trigger. Service brokers blend together services, by managing the signaling ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-mobile, app-fmc
Secretary Office (Dev Portal)
Routes incoming calls to an extension configured for the service, to (for example) an office or call center. The call server routes the call to the Secretary Office application, which then decides the destination and routes the call. A businessman uses the service to have any call ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-fixed
See What I See (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers share and discuss live video streams in real time. Users initiate the service by launching a persontoperson voice call through their presenceenabled address book. Once the call is established, users may choose to transmit live oneway video ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-mobile
Service Filtering (Dev Portal)
Eases the load on the application layer, as required for highvolume services such as Tele Voting. Devolves the logic to the switch, instructing it to only trigger the application layer every "nth" call. The switch then counts the calls (counters), and lets the application service know that another "n ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-fixed
Service Interaction (Dev Portal)
Service Interaction application lets service providers: make new products, by reusing and augmenting existing products (and/or components of products embrace new networks and technologies, to innovate, while minimizing any potential impact from the migration on their subscribers. selectively trigger ...
Other labels: app-fmc, app-charging, app-mobile, app-fixed, app-messaging, app-multimedia, app-web
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