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All content with label application-compendium.
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SIP SMPP Gateway (Dev Portal)
Translates SIP MESSAGE requests into SMS requests. For messaging, lets SIP devices interoperate with existing SMS networks, by converting message signaling and payload to be forwarded across an SMS infrastructure. An operator offers a combined service to subscribers of multimedia ...
Other labels: app-messaging, app-mobile
Social-Network Communications (Dev Portal)
Provides an interface between the mobile phone and a social network. Offers a comprehensive solution, combining application functionality and its mobile content delivery (text, images, pictures, videos) with the most popular social networking websites (such as YouTube, MySpace, Blogger ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-mobile, app-messaging, app-web
Speed Dial (Dev Portal)
Defines userspecific short codes to quickly dial a number. This application maps codes to numbers, so when a user dials a short code, the network dials the full number. Userdefined speed lists can be administered through the DTMF menu or a web ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-mobile
Split Charging (Dev Portal)
Uses different charging numbers, based on caller identities, to split subscribers' charging and billing. For instance, subscribers might want their profile to include different charging accounts for business and private calls. Can also be used for splitting charges towards third ...
Other labels: app-charging, app-fixed, app-mobile
Talk Time and Call Logging (Dev Portal)
Monitors talk time and logs calls for legal firms and consultancies. The service provider offers specific online logs per client or client employee. This provides an independent audit trail of activity, so that the subscriber can bill their customers appropriately ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-mobile, app-charging, app
Tele Voting (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers poll for opinions. Users can subscribe to one or more vote numbers from a service provider, and institutions can collect statistical publicopinion data through the telephone network. The generic Tele Voting service offers three main ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-mobile
Text a Question (Dev Portal)
Filters and returns searchengine responses to texted questions. Users text a question, and the application uses it to populate a number of search engines, analyse the results, and construct a text to highlight the most likely answer. An American visiting the UK texted "How many ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging
Text a Service (Dev Portal)
Lets users find a local, available service (such as a plumber, electrician, dentist, or doctor) by sending a text to a central number. The application returns information for a service based on location information and availability (set by the company offering the service). The sink tap was dripping constantly ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging
Text-to-Speech Messaging (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers receive text messages as voice messages. This service is especially useful for people with visual impairment. Forwards any text message sent to the subscriber to an IVR, which uses a texttospeech synthesizer to create a voice message and send it on to the subscriber ...
Other labels: app-messaging, app-mobile
Tourist Spot (Dev Portal)
Sends voice alerts and/or messages based on a user's location, with relevant tourist information. May provide SMS overviews of tourist spots, with links to voicerecorded details. As she approached the Eifel tower, a text message arrived on Lucy's phone briefly outlining ...
Other labels: app-messaging, app-mobile
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