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Call Duration Limitation (Dev Portal)
Limits the duration of certain calls, releasing them upon reaching a maximum duration. The service can be configured by the operator or the subscriber, with different limits depending on various characteristics of the calls. A young woman in London whose boyfriend is in Paris, finds that her phone ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium
Caller Identification (Dev Portal)
Requires callers to record a voice or video message to identify themselves before their call can reach the called party. The called party receives the voice or video message, and can then decide whether to accept the call. The identification requirement can be set on a percaller ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile, app-multimedia
Call Forwarding (Dev Portal)
Author jonh Forwards incoming calls to an alternative destination, with a mechanism for customers to customise callforwarding parameters. Can also provide selective call forwarding, for example to forward to an alternative destination if the customer's line is engaged, or they do not reply within ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile, app-fmc
Call Hold (Dev Portal)
Lets the caller or called party put a call on hold by sending a special DTMF tone (pressing a key or sequence of keys). Plays a recorded message (such as an announcement or music) while on hold. The operator can choose to charge or not to charge for the period that the call ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Call Line Identification (Dev Portal)
Screens and replaces calledline identification (CLI), to alert users to who is calling (or alternatively hide their CLI). CLI screening can also be used to verify that justregistered numbers can use a service — thereby preventing fraud. A user's phone rings and the calling ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Call Rate Limitation (Dev Portal)
Counts incoming calls within a configurable timeframe, and compares the total number of calls with a threshold value. The calls can then be handled differently based upon reaching this threshold. An operator configures a business line to accept at most 25 calls within ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Call Screening (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers configure logical features for screening calls flexibly, to meet individual business or consumer needs. Example screening methods include: time/date screening locationbased screening black/white lists address screening protocolbased screening. A user ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Call Transfer (Dev Portal)
Lets a caller or called parties transfer an ongoing call to another party. They do this by sending a DTMF tone (key sequence on the telephone) with the number and a special prefix. The network then starts a new call between the other party of the call and the dialed number ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium
Chat Server (Dev Portal)
Chat Server lets many subscribers communicate simultaneously, in specific "rooms". It uses dynamically created, multicast addresses to delivers messages to all members of a room. It also lets users communicate publicly (sending messages that are accessible by all users), as well ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-messaging, app-multimedia, app-web, application-compendium
Click to Call (Dev Portal)
Lets a user, when on the internet, set up calls by clicking a number directly on a web page. Click to Call has many applications in the web world, and is becoming a common feature of many other applications. A man's new TV is just not working ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium, app-web
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