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Number Portability (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers of publicly available telephone services (including mobile services) change their service provider, while keeping their existing telephone number. Provides a regulated facility that fosters consumer choice and effective competition, by letting subscribers switch providers without ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-fmc, application-compendium
Number Translation Service (Dev Portal)
Lets operators manage and route calls to any kind of nongeographical numbers, such as freephone, premiumrate service, or universalaccess numbers. Supports number translation, modification, origination, destination number, and time/date screening, as well as call distribution and counting functions and configuring ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile, app-fmc
Percentage Call Distribution (Dev Portal)
Distributes Number Translation Service calls to several other destinations, based on percentage calculations. Distributes calls to different destinations on a callratio basis (for example 40% of calls to one destination, 60% to another) , which can help organizations to manage calls ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Play Announcement (Dev Portal)
Can play several announcements to a user within one session, by using an IVR/MRF, Intelligent Peripheral, or MSC/SSF system. Can play announcements at any point during a call, triggered from a range of applications. Announcements are usually ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app-multimedia, application-compendium
Prefix Determination (Dev Portal)
Replaces a caller's identity based on a dialed prefix. Subscriber profiles generally predefine two different identities, but the number is not restricted. The service selects a predefined identity to display at the terminating device, upon detecting a valid prefix. (Or displays the "default" identity if no prefix ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium
Premium-Rate Service (Dev Portal)
Provides access to soughtafter information, for which a higher call charge can be levied. Apportions revenue from charges recovered from the user's phone bill, between the content provider, the service provider, and the network operator (as appropriate). Distinctive number range ...
Other labels: app-charging, app-mobile, application-compendium
Presence Server (Dev Portal)
Lets operators leverage a range of open Presence applications, by using the OpenCloud Rhino product. Not just limited to showing the status of an individual (such as on MSN), the Presence service can be used to show the status of anything. Presence server services are often combined ...
Other labels: app-mobile, app, app-multimedia, app-web, application-compendium
Private Numbering Plan (Dev Portal)
Lets customers maintain a privatenumbering plan, which is separate from the publicnumbering plan and dedicated to one billing account. This is important for VPNs Virtual Private Networking. Features short dialing for more flexible numbering. Lets you assign access codes ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-mobile
Reverse IM-SSF (Dev Portal)
primary function of Reverse IMSSF is to do protocol conversion between IN and IMS — so that IN users can use services which are implemented on the IMS. Unlike IMSSF, Reverse IMSSF is not specified in the IMS architecture. Reverse IMSSF provides connectivity and access to services ...
Other labels: application-compendium, app-fmc, app-mobile
Ringback Tone (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers use personalized tones or music, played as "Ringback Tones" (RBTs) to the calling parties. Users can select and prelisten to predefined tones. Once they select an RBT, that melody plays to the calling party until they pick up the phone ...
Other labels: app-mobile, application-compendium, app-web
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