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All content with label app-mobile+application-compendium.
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Call Screening (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers configure logical features for screening calls flexibly, to meet individual business or consumer needs. Example screening methods include: time/date screening locationbased screening black/white lists address screening protocolbased screening. A user ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Call Transfer (Dev Portal)
Lets a caller or called parties transfer an ongoing call to another party. They do this by sending a DTMF tone (key sequence on the telephone) with the number and a special prefix. The network then starts a new call between the other party of the call and the dialed number ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Chat Server (Dev Portal)
Chat Server lets many subscribers communicate simultaneously, in specific "rooms". It uses dynamically created, multicast addresses to delivers messages to all members of a room. It also lets users communicate publicly (sending messages that are accessible by all users), as well ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-messaging, app-multimedia, app-web
Click to Call (Dev Portal)
Lets a user, when on the internet, set up calls by clicking a number directly on a web page. Click to Call has many applications in the web world, and is becoming a common feature of many other applications. A man's new TV is just not working ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-web
Closed User Group (Dev Portal)
Adds features to a subscriber's incoming and/or outgoing calls, based on originating and terminating member groups. Each subscriber can be a member of more than one closed user group, with common settings for all subscribers in each group. An IT manager configures ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-fmc
Community Information Board (Dev Portal)
Lets members of a user community leave messages for others in the community. Users can configure the service online to automatically distribute messages (by text) to key people, and let others access them on demand (through the community message board). Operators can ...
Other labels: app-charging, app-messaging, app-web, app
Community What is This (Dev Portal)
Lets users ask a community what they're looking at. They take a picture, and MMS it to the "What is this" community site. Once posted, members of the community can respond with an SMS. Users can include a voiceover with their MMS, to describe where they are and give a context ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-messaging, app-web
Conference Calling (Dev Portal)
Author jonh Lets several users take part in the same conversation. Can be configured so that: the calling party calls other participants and adds them to the call participants call into the conference call themselves, by dialing into a special telephone number that connects ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Content Push (Dev Portal)
Lets subscribers automatically receive updated content from the network, to their terminals or softphones. Users subscribe to an RSS channel source, which pushes content to subscribers according to their interests and preferences. Key features include: support of text and streaming SIP ...
Other labels: app-multimedia, app-messaging
Credit-Limit Supervision (Dev Portal)
Limits call costs within a specified time frame, ensuring for example that consumers do not exceed a certain spend per month, on postpaid mobile phones. This can also be used as a method of controlling the spend on prepaid mobile accounts: limiting the credit ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-charging
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