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All content with label app-mobile+application-compendium.
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Customers Directory (Dev Portal)
Displays the name and profile of a calling party in the destination terminal — allowing screening based on information on the person calling. Can be tied into callrouting applications, to route incoming calls based on name and profile. Extensions to this application could include displaying details on a TV ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Descriptions of What You See (Dev Portal)
Provides an SMS number to get more information about something (and may provide links for even more details through the web). For example, the SMS number might display in a shop window against a promotional item, so that even when ...
Other labels: app-messaging, app-web
Directions to Nearest... (Dev Portal)
Sends voiceenabled directions directly to a user's phone. They can set their home location, to get directions there, from anywhere, at any time. They access the service through a simple phone call, asking for specific directions using a voiceactivation system. John set ...
Directory Enquiry Call Completion (Dev Portal)
directory enquiry services, lets users provide just enough information — entering digits or verbally responding to an automated voice unit — to determine the number they want, before dialing it and establishing the leg. When a user calls directory enquiries, an ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Do Not Disturb (Dev Portal)
Temporarily rejects all incoming calls. Can divert calls directly to voicemail, play a specific announcement to calling parties before diverting to voicemail, or just drop the call. The called party can immediately activate or deactivate the Do Not Disturb service ...
Other labels: app-fixed
Enterprise Mobility (Dev Portal)
Enables mobile phones to behave as PBX extensions, within an enterprise VPN network. Users have a single number and single voicemail, and can use their existing mobile handsets. Because enterprises can more easily maintain control of mobile ...
Other labels: app-fmc
Euro Tariff (Dev Portal)
Advises EUbased subscribers, either with a voice response when making a call or with an automatic text when roaming in the EU, what calls will cost based on their location. Having arrived in the UK from France, a subscriber receives a text message letting ...
Other labels: app-charging
Find Me Follow Me (Dev Portal)
Find Me and Follow Me are two callforwarding services that are commonly used together. Find Me lets users call multiple locations to find someone; Follow Me lets users configure how they would like to be found (reached at various ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-fmc
Follow Me Diversion (Dev Portal)
Lets customers invoke call diversion from wherever they are, to receive their calls on any convenient phone. (You can also divert your phone to another number using the Follow Me Find Me Follow Me service, configuring it so ...
Other labels: app-fixed, app-fmc
Follow-on Call (Dev Portal)
Automatically places a followon call (or other administrative procedures) when the user finishes a sequence of voice response steps to access a service without requiring the user to redial the service and step through the same voice response procedure again. Service providers ...
Other labels: app-fixed
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