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How-to Prepare a Service for Production? (Dev Portal)
What to consider before deploying a service Before deploying a JSLEE service in a production environment (such as an operator's live network), developers should: make sure it fulfills all functional requirements, run it through series of tests in a similar production environment ...
How-to Use Rhino Housekeeping (Dev Portal)
Author nick Introduction This guide demonstrates how to use Rhino's runtime system maintenance, or housekeeping, commands. Rhino has housekeeping commands for interrogating the SLEE about application state, and for cleaning up or removing unwanted state. Application state may ...
How-to Write Fault-Tolerant RAs? (Dev Portal)
following notes are aimed at developers who have already written an RA, but now need to know what to do to make it faulttolerant. 2.1 1.1 Making your RA faulttolerant To make an RA faulttolerant, you need to configure ...
Other labels: slee-programming
New SLEE 1.1 Profile Features (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document is intended to provide an overview Profiles in Rhino 2.0, Rhino 2.0 implements JAIN SLEE 1.1 Profiles. It highlights the enhancements made to 1.0 Profiles, describes how to use the new features in 1.1 Profiles and advises on changes ...
Other labels: slee_1_1
SLEE 1.1 Resource Adaptors (Dev Portal)
Introduction This document contains a brief introduction to Resource Adaptors in Rhino 2.0. The intention here is not to provide a complete Resource Adaptor tutorial, but to highlight important features of the new Resource Adaptor API. More complete information on the Resource Adaptor API is available ...
Other labels: slee_1_1
Tracing Made Easy in SLEE 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Introduction In the time since SLEE 1.0 was released, the {{TraceFacility}} has proved to be quite cumbersome to use in practice, and needed an overhaul to support new features in SLEE 1.1. Applicationlevel tracing was provided in SLEE 1.0 using the {{javax.slee.facilities.TraceFacility}} interface. This allowed ...
Other labels: slee_1_1
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