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How do I deploy SBBs with cyclic dependencies? (Dev Portal)
I have a Parent and Child SBBs in a ChildRelation navigable in both directions. The child SBB stores a reference to the parent in a CMP field so it can call the parent. The CMP field definition names the parent SBB. There is a cyclic dependency between the parent ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
How do I design a counter for the number of timeouts for each request type? (Dev Portal)
Please me know what will be the right design to maintain counters for request/responses? I am designing a synchronous counter, one type for each request/reponse.   The UsageFacility provided in the SLEE is the most appropriate way to maintain such counters. Note that the SBB ...
Other labels: other-ra, rhino-management, kb-jain-slee
How do I direct events from an RA to an SBB? (Dev Portal)
Does only the SBB which invoked the RA receive the response event? Is it possible to deliver the event only to that SBB?   This behaviour is achieved using activities and activity contexts. When the SBB invokes the RA method, the RA should create an activity ...
Other labels: ra-development, sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
How do I link an SBB to an RA? (Dev Portal)
I have an RA and I was expecting that the mechanism would call the getSBBResourceAdaptorInterface which in my case returns the interface to the charging implementation, that is stored in a field in the RA. But when I get the JNDI lookup I get a Proxy that holds the RA ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
How do I locate activity objects in an event handler for other activities I am attached to? (Dev Portal)
Consider this usecase. I am attached to a MessageActivity. When I receive the XXXEvent on this activity I create a new SubmitActivity and send a Submit Request. How do I locate the MessageActivity when I receive the SubmitResponse event? Here is the Code ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
How do I monitor alarms raised in an SBB? (Dev Portal)
I raise an alarm from with a Resource Adaptor using the AlarmManager then this can be seen in the Rhino Web Console and cleared. But if I raise an alarm from within an SBB using the AlarmFacility then this is logged at the correct level but no alarm is raised ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee, slee_1_1
How do I set a timer when activating a service? (Dev Portal)
How do I set a timer when activating a service?   The Timer needs to be set by an SBB. If you need to set up a timer when the service is activated, your SBB should subscribe to the ServiceStartedEvent defined in the SLEE 1.0 specification ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
How do I support substitutability in my service where several SBBs implement the same SBB local interface? (Dev Portal)
case of the local interface. Is it possible to define a local interface separately to an SBB and then provide one or more SBB that use this interface. Where would such a local interface be deployed? In an event jar? In a library jar?   You can indeed do ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
How do I use sbb-alias-ref for my Parent - Child SBBs? (Dev Portal)
I have a reference from a child to a parent SBB and I need to specify its name in the cmpaliasref. But does the parent SBB also need to be mentioned in the sbbref section? I was accidentely putting the parent sbb also into the child sbb sbbref ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
How do library jar permissions relate to Sbbs? (Dev Portal)
I have a problem with a JAXB library jar which grants all RuntimePermission and ReflectionPermission permissions but I still get a RuntimePermission security exception when called from the sbb. This goes away if I grant the sbb the same permissions. How ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
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