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SBBs with additional permissions (Dev Portal)
How to grant additional permissions to an SBB? To grant permissions you'll need to define them in the deployment descriptor of the SBB. You could grant a FilePermission for your SBB for example. There's an example of granting extra permissions to a JAIN SLEE 1.0 ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-slee, kb-security, kb-jain-slee
Should I use setSbbContext() to lookup a DataSource? (Dev Portal)
I have two classes class SBB1 implements javax.slee.Sbb and class SBB2 extends SBB1. Initialization of resources in the method setSbbContext of SBB1. Each time setSbbContext is executed, this sbb object would lookup the datasource. Is this the best way to do this? Yes ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
What are the parameter passing semantics of SBB local interfaces? (Dev Portal)
What can be used in a local interface and what can be done to the Objects returned by the local interface? Is it possible to provide a interface instance retrieval method in a local interface? E.g. Component A has two instances of Component B. The components are wired together ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
What are the rules for SBB instance loading? (Dev Portal)
What are the rules for SBB instance loading and saving? Will an ASbb instance and a BSbb instance that are tied together by a local interface be unloaded and loaded together? Or are they independent? In this case will e.g. A be loaded when B is loaded and makes a local interface call? Or what ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
What changes are must be made to my SBB when a dependent RA type changes? (Dev Portal)
sbbjar.xml config file of an SBB I have to specify the RA dependency of the SBB including the version number of the RA. This leads to the fact, that I have to generate my deployable unit and deploy it again if the RA is changed to a newer version. What ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
What is the behaviour of an SBB after attaching to a NullActivity? (Dev Portal)
How is the behaviour of an SBB affected by attaching to a NullActivity? Does it affect the delivery of events on other activities or timers?   Merely attaching to a null activity does not affect which events are delivered to a SBB from other activities. There aren't any special ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
What is the event ordering for events delivered on independent activities? (Dev Portal)
using a "for" loop I could submit multiple requests using "vaspProvider.sendSubmitRequest". All these are submitted at almost the same time (there might be a difference in milliseconds)?. How is the SLEE going to handle this scenario? Is there any mechanism to process these request as per the submit order? What ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee
Where is the OC DTD URI? (Dev Portal)
I can see <!DOCTYPE ocsbbjar PUBLIC "//Open Cloud Ltd.//DTD JAIN SLEE SBB Extension 1.0//EN" ""> in OC specific DD, but "" does not exist\!? They are contained in rhino.jar. Rhino's ...
Other labels: slee-extensions, kb-jain-slee, kb-slee-extensions
Why doesn't an SBB receives an event and why can't I see any logging? (Dev Portal)
SBB trace level is set to {{Info}} but I don't see any logging on the SBB event handler? How to know if an event is reaching an SBB or not? If you are not receiving an event in your SBB it's most likely because the event ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee
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