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All content with label kb-rhino-slee.
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Chainsaw refuses to connect to Rhino (Dev Portal)
I have created a socket appender in rhino 1.4.2 but Chainsaw will not connect to the Rhino server. Below is the error message capture from rhino. log4j:ERROR Could not connect to remote log4j server at localhost: Connection refused I am ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-entry
Connecting to Rhino failed with AccessControlException - access denied (Dev Portal)
Why is the connection to Rhino failing with: AccessControlException: access denied? WARN org.mortbay.util.ThreadedServer$Acceptor access denied ( accept,resolve) at a:269) The default installation of Rhino is strict about which remote machines may ...
Other labels: kb-installation, kb-entry
Connection Closed exception using a JDBC connection from an SBB (Dev Portal)
We are receiving 'Connection Closed' exceptions when using connections obtained from a datasource. Below, there is a piece of our code and rhinoconfig.xml Connection db = itsDataSource.getConnection(); // itsDataSource is a datasource got from rhino ... db.close(); // it should close a connection from the pool ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-entry
Controlling use of network interfaces (Dev Portal)
Typically our production machines have 4 network interfaces and we need to control which interface is used for SLEE cluster traffic. Is this controlled by the machines' multicast configuration or is there a different mechanism? Is it also tied in with key generation? This issue came to light ...
Other labels: kb-networking, kb-entry, kb-clustering
Deploying a service on Windows Rhino SDK fails with ZipException Filename too long (Dev Portal)
We are having a problem in the deployment of a service under Rhino SDK for Windows. Are 181 characters too long for a filename? Installation of deployable unit failed: Error generating OCBB code at com.opencloud.ob.RhinoSDK.runtime.r0.a(2178) ... Caused by: Filename too long ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
DeploymentException with repackaged DU jar (Dev Portal)
We have a problem here when deploying some repackaged DU jars. During our production we are creating deployable unit Jar files for the Rhino container. These Jar files contain XML files which have to be modified before ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
Deployment problem on exceeding DB size (Dev Portal)
I have seen a deployment problem: Unable to prepare due to size limits of the DB when I try to deploy the DU, any idea? Is there a chance to figure out which components are the largest? If deployment is unsuccessful this is possibly due to the size restriction ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-database, kb-entry
Deployment problem with an RA that uses a Native Library (Dev Portal)
When we undeploy then deploy an RA in Rhino that uses a native library, and then activate an RA entity we get a failure "Native Library already loaded in another classloader". Each time you deploy the RA, it happens ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-entry
Differences between SDK and production Rhino MLet configuration files (Dev Portal)
Can you please confirm that the 'mlet.conf' file is only present in the Rhino SDK package, while for Production Rhino you have actually two files: 'permachinemlet.conf' and 'pernodemlet.conf'? If correct, could you please just give me an overall ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
Do applications receive any notifications of activity failover when a node fails? (Dev Portal)
node fails, does the application running on remaining cluster members receive any notification that a switchover is taking place so that it may perform any preparation work (if needed)? When a node fails, Rhino reallocates its activities to surviving nodes ...
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-performance, kb-entry
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