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All content with label kb-rhino-slee.
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Does additional entities of the same RA improve Rhino's performance? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Rhino allows to use more than one SIP RA (or other) in parallel by creating more RA entities. However, will this decrease/improve Rhino's performance? For example, we could have a SIP load balancer distributing messages ...
Other labels: kb-resource-adaptors, kb-ra-development, kb-entry
Does an SBB component share the classloader between different services? (Dev Portal)
same SBB component is being used in different services. Does the SBB component share the classloader between the different services? The SBB component jars of all SBBs in a service puted into a single "service" classloader, when that service is installed. Otherwise SBB ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-classloading, kb-rhino-classloading, slee-programming, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
Does Rhino persist ACIs and SBB entities on restarts? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Will activities objects and Activity Context Interfaces survive a SLEE restart? If an SBB is attached to a Null Activity, will this SBB entity be persisted? Rhino gives you the option of replication, or no replication (the default). You can specify (via an ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry, kb-database
Does Rhino support IPv6? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Does Rhino cluster technology and resource adaptors support IPv6? Yes. OpenCloud Rhino's Savanna Clustering Technology and the OpenCloud's RAs support IPv6
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-entry, kb-resource-adaptors
Does Rhino support log4j AsyncAppenders? (Dev Portal)
Does Rhino support log4j AsyncAppenders? Rhino uses log4j for the logging subsystem and provides outofthebox support to a subset of log4j appenders: console appenders, rolling file appenders, socket appender, and syslog appender. However, Rhino allows to configure a new ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-entry
Do I need to use Rhino database datasource? (Dev Portal)
I don't want to use Rhino datasource and Rhino to manage my database connection. Can I get another datasource (eg, from Spring) and manage the connection directly from a RA or SBB? You only really need to use ...
Other labels: kb-jdbc, kb-transactions, kb-database, kb-entry
Do you support custom log layouts? (Dev Portal)
Do you support custom layouts? We would like to have Date,Time,ClassName, Level, Line Number and message to be logged for each log. We do not provide configuration support for custom layouts, though support for standard log4j ...
Other labels: kb-logging, kb-entry
Editing production Rhino node rhino-config.xml (Dev Portal)
I have made some changes to rhinoconfig.xml but Rhino does not seem to apply them. It seems like it is reading the default rhinoconfig.xml. I only see any changes in behaviour when I edit the default. The correct file to edit for an ...
Other labels: kb-core-general, kb-entry
Error deserializing from ACI because objects are too large (Dev Portal)
Our application is running OK on a single node but when we attempt to demonstrate that the SLEE is replicating ACIs across a 2 or more node cluster we get a EOFException. So why does the exception not occur on a 1node cluster too, then? This will only ...
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-entry
Exception occurs when object stored in ACI (Dev Portal)
I have this Exception when I get an object (called ConnectionData) stored in an ACI. This object implements Serializable and contains a Request sent by the JAINSIP RA. WARN ocbb.container.SBBDataSbbvendor10OCBBBean failure: com.opencloud.deployed. ServiceSessionTest10vendor.SBBDataSbbvendor10OCBBBean@cb95c9 \java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError\ at ...
Other labels: kb-classloading, kb-entry, kb-rhino-classloading
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