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All content with label kb-rhino-slee.
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Memory issues during deployment (Dev Portal)
I am having problems trying to deploy an SBB that will talk a resource adaptor (that we developed and deployed) and the SMPP RA (provided by open cloud). The DU is of a size of about 40MB. We are getting longrunning transactions and outofmemory errors. The problem ...
Other labels: kb-memory-leaks, kb-entry
Missing JAVA_HOME environment variable on Windows (Dev Portal)
I tried to install Rhino SDK for Windows XP but I have got an error here concerning the execution of the setup.bat script which seems to be unable to find Java. The java version I have installed here is 1.4 and 1.5 ...
Other labels: kb-installation, kb-entry
Multicast traffic load of a Rhino cluster (Dev Portal)
What is the load in the multicast messages between the Rhino nodes. I suppose this size depends on what Rhino is doing (replicating a profile,...) but, what's the maximum and tokens' size? Tokens are on the order of 50 bytes. Maximum UDP datagram size is configurable and defaults ...
Other labels: kb-clustering, kb-networking, kb-entry
Node fails to enter the primary component (Dev Portal)
I am seeing the following error message from Rhino (version 1.4.5) after I deploy it on a single node cluster: INFO rhino.mainWaiting for cluster to go primary; current primary members: Its multicast address range is unique and not shared ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-clustering
NoRouteToHostException connecting console client to Rhino from localhost (Dev Portal)
We have restarted the server and it is running without any exceptions. But when we try to start the console client we get the following exception: Interactive Rhino Management Shell Connecting to localhost:1199 as user admin Login failed ...
Other labels: kb-entry, kb-security
Performance difference between calling library and SBB (Dev Portal)
I am developing a charging component which works without events so there are basically two choices. Either to install it with some library and call the interface directly or to install it as an SBB with a local interface. What is the performance difference between the two ...
Other labels: kb-performance, kb-entry
Possible reasons for unrecoverable PostgresDB (Dev Portal)
We sometimes see the PostreSQL database get into an unrecoverable state. We shutdown Rhino and then we PostgreSQL and Rhino. Sometimes the Postgres DB is in an unrecoverable state, and we cannot restart postmaster. There is nothing in the postgres log indicating what ...
Other labels: kb-database, kb-entry
Problem of setting up Threshold rules using the web-console (Dev Portal)
We faced a problem when setting up Threshold rules using the webconsole, eg: Alarm Severity, Relational operators are not editable. If the fields are readonly, usually it means you either have to put the object you're working with into "edit" mode (which ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-management, kb-entry
Problems on Starting Rhino - UnknownHostException (Dev Portal)
Rhino fails to start with an UnknownHostException. ERROR savanna.stack Failed to initialize Savanna com.opencloud.ob.rhino.adn: Failed to create cluster and state distribution groups ... Caused by: com.opencloud.util.exception.ConfigException: Failed to generate a node hash ... Caused by: opencloudDUT: opencloudDUT ... Rhino is trying to resolve ...
Other labels: kb-installation, kb-clustering, kb-entry
Problems with filepaths in a library component accessed by an SBB (Dev Portal)
Libraries are visible in my projects, but I have some problems with passing filepaths to the methods from separately deployed libraries. The situation is when I invoke some method in my SBB class on the Class object from the deployed library and one ...
Other labels: kb-sbb-developer, kb-classloading, kb-entry, kb-rhino-classloading
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