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4 Modifying security permissions
Author alex Author alex Author alex Rhino Administration and Deployment Guide procedure To modify a component's security permissions command {{setsecuritypolicy}} commandoptions setsecuritypolicy (<ComponentID> <LibraryID> jarname) <SecurityPolicy> Sets the current security policy associated with the specified ComponentID ...
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4 Technical Evaluation
Rhino Evaluation Guide Do the technical details live up to the technology? After completing an evaluation of a communications technology 3 Technological evaluation, to differentiate solutions using that technology, you need to evaluate each product's technical details. This includes ...
5 Commercial Evaluation
Rhino Evaluation Guide Is it value for money? Most operators must compete by having offerings that stand out, for their value and cost to their customers. To do so, they need a platform that provides the most value for the least cost to the operator. They'll want to choose a service ...
5 Details of Available Statistics
Author bsd The statistics can be accessed by the rhinostats tool (in command line and GUI modes) and can also be accessed by any other management clients using the Rhino Management Extensions API . Click a statistics type below for details of statistics available ...
5 List of Alarms
Author bsd Rhino 2.0 Administration and Deployment Guide Below is a table listing all alarms (including their messages, and when raised and cleared), sorted by Source and then Type. Alarm (S: Source, T: Type, Id: Instance ID, L: Level) Message Raised ...
5 Runtime Component Configuration
Author alex Author jonh Rhino 2.0 Administration and Deployment Guide As of Rhino 2.3, Rhino supports modifying environment entry configuration and security permissions for deployed components. To configure runtime components, see
5 Setting SNMP system information
Author jonh Author jonh Rhino 2.0 Administration and Deployment Guide Each Rhino SNMP agent exposes the standard SNMPv2MIB system variables ({{sysName}}, {{sysDescr}}, {{sysLocation}}, and {{sysContact}}). To set SNMP system information. .... ...use the following {{rhinoconsole}} 1 ...
6 Alarms
Rhino 2.0 Administration and Deployment Guide As well as an overview 1 About Alarms and list 5 List of Alarms of alarms, this section includes instructions for performing the following Rhino SLEE procedures, with explanations, examples and links to related javadocs: Procedure ...
6 Exporting MIB files
Author jonh Rhino 2.0 Administration and Deployment Guide Management Information Base (MIB) files contain descriptions of the OID hierarchy that SNMP uses to interact with statistics and notifications 1 Accessing SNMP statistics and notifications. To export MIBs. .... ...use the following ...
6 Memory considerations when using the Management Tools
Author dhodson Tools for Managing Rhino The Rhino Management and Monitoring Tools use the JVM default memory settings. This can cause problems in small deployments where the Rhino cluster and the Management Tools are on the same host. For example, using {{rhinostats}} to monitor ...
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