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All content with label slee-programming.
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How do I monitor alarms raised in an SBB? (Dev Portal)
I raise an alarm from with a Resource Adaptor using the AlarmManager then this can be seen in the Rhino Web Console and cleared. But if I raise an alarm from within an SBB using the AlarmFacility then this is logged at the correct level but no alarm is raised ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee, kb-entry, slee_1_1
How do I set a timer when activating a service? (Dev Portal)
How do I set a timer when activating a service?   The Timer needs to be set by an SBB. If you need to set up a timer when the service is activated, your SBB should subscribe to the ServiceStartedEvent defined in the SLEE 1.0 specification ...
Other labels: kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
How do I support substitutability in my service where several SBBs implement the same SBB local interface? (Dev Portal)
case of the local interface. Is it possible to define a local interface separately to an SBB and then provide one or more SBB that use this interface. Where would such a local interface be deployed? In an event jar? In a library jar?   You can indeed do ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
How do I use sbb-alias-ref for my Parent - Child SBBs? (Dev Portal)
I have a reference from a child to a parent SBB and I need to specify its name in the cmpaliasref. But does the parent SBB also need to be mentioned in the sbbref section? I was accidentely putting the parent sbb also into the child sbb sbbref ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
How do I use SLEE Initial Event Selection? (Dev Portal)
Introduction The JAIN SLEE Initial Event Selection mechanism allows developers to flexibly control how events trigger services. For example, a developer can specify that a service is only triggered when a certain parameter is present in the event, or only if the event is addressed ...
Other labels: howto
How do library jar permissions relate to Sbbs? (Dev Portal)
I have a problem with a JAXB library jar which grants all RuntimePermission and ReflectionPermission permissions but I still get a RuntimePermission security exception when called from the sbb. This goes away if I grant the sbb the same permissions. How ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
How should a Root SBB and a Child SBB receive the same event? (Dev Portal)
an architecture where a Root SBB and the Child SBB receive the same events, the Child SBB should define also event handlers or the Root SBB should pass the event synchronously to the Child SBB?   If an event is delivered twice, the SLEE ...
Other labels: sbb-developer, kb-jain-slee, kb-entry
How to decode Lock IDs in Rhino logs (Dev Portal)
Author davidp Investigating lock timeouts Sometimes you may see reports in Rhino logs of lock timeouts. For example this may happen under load. The log messages refer to a lock ID. The lock ID contains potentially useful information ...
Other labels: debugging, howto
How to diagnose a JVM crash on Rhino? (Dev Portal)
Author samuel Introduction The excerpt is a short precis of the article content. It can be the first few sentences of the introduction, in which case remove the hidden=true parameter above. This document provides information and guidance on some procedures for diagnose a JVM crash on Rhino ...
Other labels: howto, debugging
How-to Write Fault-Tolerant RAs? (Dev Portal)
following notes are aimed at developers who have already written an RA, but now need to know what to do to make it faulttolerant. 2.1 1.1 Making your RA faulttolerant To make an RA faulttolerant, you need to configure ...
Other labels: howto
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