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Cannot create the RA via the JMX console (Dev Portal)
I cannot create an RA entity via the JMX console. I get the following error: com.opencloud.slee.ext.resource.ResourceException: Create failed: Node 101 failed: com.opencloud.slee.ext.resource.ResourceException: Cannot start resource adaptor entity at com.opencloud.ob.rhinosdk.kf.a(20312) ... Caused by: com.opencloud.slee.ext.resource.ResourceException: unable ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Can we change the IP Address or the port number of the SMSC at the runtime? (Dev Portal)
Can we change the IP Address or the port number of the SMSC (in the SMPP RA configuration) at runtime?   An SMPP RA entity can be reconfigured to point to a different SMSC while the SLEE is still active. You do the following from the rhinoconsole ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Can we use one MAP RA entity for multiple services? (Dev Portal)
query is related to using one MAP RA entity for many services. All the services are required to handle MAP messages. So we are planning to use a single MAP RA entity for all the services by adding the InitialEventSelector method in each service ...
Other labels: in-ra, ra-development, kb-entry
Can we use the SMPP and MM7 Resource Adaptors to act as SMSC and MMSC? (Dev Portal)
Can we use the SMPP and MM7 Resource Adaptors to act as SMSC and MMSC?   Yes, that's possible. Both RAs have enough functionality to implement those switches
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
CDR RA cannot create file if I change Directory parameter (Dev Portal)
When I tried to change directory (to create cdr file) from "work/cdr" to "work/cdr2" (or any, other than "work/cdr") it cannot be activated because it cannot create initial cdr file because of Caused by: access denied ...
Other labels: other-ra, kb-entry
Classloader problem with CMP fields for Jain SIP Request and Response (Dev Portal)
During some of our tests we encountered some problems with CMP fields, the errors we were getting were always similar to this one: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: com.opencloud.ob.ocsip.b0 at at<init>(DashOB8895) at com.opencloud.ob.ocsip.m.createRequest(DashOB8895) ....... This happens when ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
ClassNotFoundException after adding a CMP field (Dev Portal)
After adding a CMP field of type javax.sip.address.Address and storing the address of the dialog.getRemoteParty() when getting/using it I got this exception in Rhino 1.4.2: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: at$ I can use the String CMP as a workaround: but is this expected ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Communicating to a network GW via SMPP (Dev Portal)
communicate to a network GW via SMPP, the connection will be a transceiver connection. We will be maintaining our existing connectivity to a SMSC as well as this new connection. Is that this is fully supported using instances of the SMPPBoundResourceAdaptor? Yes, each instance (or "RA entity" in SLEE terms) is configured ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Creating a new SMPPBoundRA dynamically (Dev Portal)
SMPP documentation indicates that multiple instances of SMPPBoundResourceAdaptor can be created for failover scenarios. Can we create a new SMPPBoundRA while the SLEE is running (i.e. dynamically)? Yes, you can create a new RA entity while the SLEE is running ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Delimeter events in CAP and IS41 (Dev Portal)
When should we expect delimiter events? What is the purpose of delimiter events? As you know many operations may be sent in one TCAP message. Delimiters allow you to control the boundaries of the TCAP message. Operations and/or responses are queued on a dialog ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry, kb-is41
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