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Where is the class for MM7 Messages? (Dev Portal)
I've tried to construct a message for MM7submit.REQ, but there is no class for MM7 Message in the package com.opencloud.slee.resources.mm7   Please see the package javadoc for the com.opencloud.slee.resources.mm7 package for an introduction to the MM7 RA Types. There are 2 separate RA types for VASP (ValueAdded Service Provider) and RS ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Which SMPP RA do I chose? (Dev Portal)
We need to develop SMPP Sbb that acts as an ESME. We are using SMPP Bound Session type and SMPP Bound RA for this purpose. I have gone through the java docs, but it does not give differences between different types ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Why am I unable to undeploy a RA? (Dev Portal)
Why am I unable to undeploy a RA? Rhino console output: "Resource adaptor entity MyRA moved to deactivating state." The most likely cause is that there are still live activities that were created by the RA. The SLEE will not move the RA to INACTIVE until ...
Other labels: kb-rhino-slee, kb-rhino-management, kb-ra-development, kb-entry
Why are there no *Ind messages in IS41 (Dev Portal)
CAP and MAP APIs have Ind and Req messages, for receiving from the network and sending to the network. IS41 only has Req (for example OriginationRequestReq). Please explain the difference.   The design of the IS41 RA differs slightly from the MAP and CAP RAs ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry, kb-is41
Why can't the SBB get a RA interface on Rhino restart? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd When I restart Rhino with a resource adaptor and a service that uses that RA's interface, the SBB gets a {{null}} RA interface on {{setSbbContext}}. Why? JSLEE allows SBBs to get the interface of RAs in inactive state. When a Rhino is booted ...
Other labels: kb-ra-development, kb-entry
Why do I get "407 Proxy Authentication Required" errors? (Dev Portal)
I am getting "407 Proxy Authentication Required" errors. Is there anywhere to specify my proxy credentials or is this unsupported?   There is no place to specify SIP credentials, they must be supplied programmatically, ie. by creating a SIP message with the appropriate Authorization or ProxyAuthorization headers. However ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Why is a long header not accepted by OC SIP RA? (Dev Portal)
Why ia the following long header not accepted by the OC SIP RA? When it is shorter (e.g. Server: WebLogic) than everything is ok. DEBUG sip.parser <SIPIO> parsing header: Server: WebLogic SIP Server 2.2 at 654445 built on 2006/05/05 ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Why is getDialog returning null? (Dev Portal)
Any idea why getDialog would be null? is the activity the dialog here? should I be able to call (Dialog)aci.getActivity()? I am attached to the dialog activity because I can iterate all attached dialogs and find the one with the same ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Why is mmloadgen reporting Http error 500? (Dev Portal)
We are seeing the following Http error:500 when we are running with provided mmloadgen.jar file, why? #java jar mmloadgen.jar mm7 v http://localhost:2885 f image.gif s r 100 u 10 20061212 17:27 ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Why is the SIP RA unable to forward the request? (Dev Portal)
Why is the SIP RA unable to forward the request due to the following error? Caused by: nexthop address is local to this stack   The RA will not send requests to its own address, this is to prevent looping due to misconfiguration. It is most probably a configuration ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
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