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All content with label kb-resource-adaptors.
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Diameter CCA and clustering (Dev Portal)
We are attempting to demonstrate that we can start a diameter CCA session on one Rhino node in a cluster and continue it on another node. We have modified the deployment descriptor for the diameterccara so that activities are replicated but we still have a problem when ...
Other labels: diameter-ra, kb-entry
Diameter Sh traffic generator (Dev Portal)
Regarding the Diamter Sh example application: In the account.xml you can define the PublicIdentities for the subscriber. Like this: <account> <ShData> <PublicIdentifiers> <IMSPublicIdentity></IMSPublicIdentity> <MSISDN>0405689915</MSISDN> </PublicIdentifiers> . . . </ShData> </account> Now it seems that the subscriber can be identified only ...
Other labels: diameter-ra, kb-entry
Does additional entities of the same RA improve Rhino's performance? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Rhino allows to use more than one SIP RA (or other) in parallel by creating more RA entities. However, will this decrease/improve Rhino's performance? For example, we could have a SIP load balancer distributing messages ...
Other labels: kb-ra-development, kb-entry, kb-rhino-slee
Does OC SIP RA expect all X.509 certificates to be in the TrustStore? (Dev Portal)
I just wanted to confirm that the OC SIP RA expects all X.509 certificates of other nodes with which secure connections are to be established to be present in the TrustStore   A client MUST have the server's certificate in its truststore when it connects to the server. The server ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Does Rhino support IPv6? (Dev Portal)
Author bsd Does Rhino cluster technology and resource adaptors support IPv6? Yes. OpenCloud Rhino's Savanna Clustering Technology and the OpenCloud's RAs support IPv6
Other labels: kb-rhino-slee, kb-clustering, kb-entry
Does rhino support MLP and WAP protocols? (Dev Portal)
Could you let me know if rhino supports MLP and WAP protocols? What about WAP? eg: WAP247, WAP250, WAP251. Do you have resource adaptor for that?   MLP is XML over HTTP, so your services can ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Does SMPP RA provide any API to set SM headers? (Dev Portal)
header fields that need to be set as a part of a Short Message to support splitting an SMS. Does SMPP RA provide an API to set these headers?   The RA treats the short message as a string. The application must construct the string appropriately if it needs ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Does SMPP RA support encoding and decoding of Short Message in different formats? (Dev Portal)
Short Message of the SubmitSm request can be 7 bit (default alphabet) data, 8 bit data, or 16 bit (UCS2 24) data. Does SMPP RA support encoding and decoding of Short Message in these formats?   The current SMPP API ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Does SMPP RA support SMS concatenation ? (Dev Portal)
Does SMPP RA support SMS concatenation?   This should be possible by constructing messages in the normal way using our SMPP API, and setting the appropriate TLV fields in the messages so that the SMSC knows they are concatenated
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Does the SIP RA detect the loss of a connection? (Dev Portal)
Do you detect the loss of a connection? Do you notify the application?   The application will receive a SIP error response event from the SIP RA, if the RA is unable to send a request due to a connection failure. The application is isolated from the details of the underlying ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
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