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MAP RA load balancing (Dev Portal)
backend has 2 connections from 2 different SLEEs, will the backend load balance incoming triggers over the 2 connections to the RAs? If we receive an incoming trigger over one backend to a RA, but during the processing of the query, the backend ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
MM7 RA connection characteristics (Dev Portal)
What is nature of connection between MM7 RA and MMSC? Will either # Resource Adaptor opens a connection when it comes up and keep that connection active and sends MM7 message over that connection OR # Resource Adaptor shall open a new connection for every ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
MM7 RA validation of MMSC responses (Dev Portal)
Does the MM7 RA perform and any validation of MM7 reposnes such and validating that the TransactionID corresponds to the request?   Requests and responses are mapped to HTTP requests and responses as described in the MM7 spec, so a particular MM7 response corresponds to a particular MM7 request implicitly ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Null pointer exception on missing the Via header (Dev Portal)
I am getting a null pointer exception onServiceStartedEvent in my SBB. Why is this am I missing a header? public void onServiceStartedEvent(javax.slee.serviceactivity.ServiceStartedEvent event, ActivityContextInterface aci) { try catch(Exception x)   You're missing the Via header, the list ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
OpenRequest is not accepted when establishing a CAP dialog (Dev Portal)
We are seeing the following OpenResponse when trying to initiate a dialog: 20070105 17:14:29.346 DEBUG resources.capra <I/O thread> enqueuing event OpenResponse, event=OpenResponse dialog=CapDialogappID=46106,dialogID=5,incarnationID=1, accepted?=false, responderAddress ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Parse error - unexpected error parsing SIP header (Dev Portal)
We are using a user agent from FOKUS and whenever it sends the bye message the SIP parser from the RA fails (see the error below): WARN <SIPWorker/1> incoming message from / rejected: parsing failed, drop ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
Password length problem with SMPP Bound RA (Dev Portal)
SMPP Bound RA restricts the size of the password used in the BINDTRANSCEIVER request. For example, if you use a 9 character password in the BINDTRANSCEIVER request then the request is not sent.   The SMPP Specification restricts the length of the password. If you look at the definition of the password field in bind ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Porting CAP interfaces (Dev Portal)
I am trying to port our CAP Sbbs to use the new INCC RA for CAP. There are some methods that are no longer available on the InitialDP class (com.opencloud.slee.resources.incc.operation.InitialDPInd). Here are the missing methods: hasMSCAddress() getMSCAddress() hasCalledPartyBCDNumber() getCalledPartyBCDNumber() Is there a different way of retrieving this information ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Problem configuring the simulator to test mm7 messages (Dev Portal)
We have configured the "Now SMS" simulator to test mm7submit.REQ and mm7submit.RES. While deploying RA, we are supplying the following parameters. common.localaddress=x.x.x.x (where the simulator is running) vasp.localport = xxxxx(where the simulator is listening) We think for connection establishment ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Problem identifying originating SOAP request (Dev Portal)
I'm using the OpenCloud SOAP RA package. Can I retrieve the URL address of the requestoriginating endpoint from an incoming SOAP request? My service acts as a web service and client. It receives a SOAP request and later it may send ...
Other labels: kb-entry, soap-ra
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