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All content with label kb-resource-adaptors.
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Problems deploying several Diameter examples at the same time (Dev Portal)
We are trying the CCA examples. After doing "ant deploydiameterccaexample" and "telnet localhost 9999", we tried the commands like "init", "event" etc, the responses were as below: init terminate reason: Error while handling Init: com.opencloud.slee.example.diameter.diameterrosession.CouldNotSendCCRExcept ion: Could ...
Other labels: diameter-ra, kb-entry
Problems with MT message flow due to rate limiting (Dev Portal)
We are facing an issue with MT message flow and QuerySM requests for SMPP. For MT message flow: When we send simple text SMS with 32400 length and segment length as 60, the SBB will internally split this into 540 messages and sends ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
Question about Invoke ID & Correlation ID (Dev Portal)
Do I have to set the Invoke ID and correlation ID in outgoing messages for example, LocationRequest/MessageDirective? What is the value used for InvokeId/CorrelationID?   The backend will automatically assign an Invoke ID to outgoing operations. This can be overridden by the setInvokeID() method ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Question about operation error event (Dev Portal)
handle error response in my application I have the following method: public void onOperationErrorInd(OperationError event, ActivityContextInterface aci) How can I get to operationError=ABSENTSUBSCRIBER or providerError=NORESPONSE from the OperationError class? onOperationErrorInd is called with the same ...
Other labels: in-ra, kb-entry
Question on the enumerated AVPs of the standard Diameter Base (Dev Portal)
Would it be possible to produce a new CCA RA implementation with the possibility of adding enum values for AVPs, such as CCRequestType, RequestAction or CCUnitType?   After reviewing the relevant parts of the specification it is clear that the values of the enumerated types can only be modified with approval from the IANA ...
Other labels: diameter-ra, kb-entry
Setting timeouts for MM7 RA messages (Dev Portal)
What is the behaviour of the MM7 RA when it is delivering a request and the MMSC is busy? Does the RA retry periodically for some time to deliver the message? How long (in seconds) would the RA try to deliver the message? If so, is there is any provision to configure that Timer ...
Other labels: messaging-ra, kb-entry
SIP invite msg is filtered out (Dev Portal)
I am using the SIP RA but I'm getting an error I do not understand. 20070212 19:48:07.957 DEBUG <SIPIO> isFiltered(269)? true 20070212 19:48:08.004 DEBUG <SIPIO> processRequest ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
SIP proxy in the same rhino container as deployed SIP services (Dev Portal)
possible to run a SIP proxy in the same rhino container as some SIP services that are deployed?   With the default SIP RA this is actually quite difficult without some support in the platform. If you have several SIP services that are interested in the same request, you ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
SIP RA example reports no valid UDP transport (Dev Portal)
I have deployed the sip ra example packaged with OpenCloud Rhino SDK. When a try to make a call using Linphone registration is fine but as soon as a invite is sent it throws a exception. The exception text is: 20060726 19:05:57.116 Warning ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
SIP RA Problem in CSeq generation (Dev Portal)
We faced a problem in the SIP RA as follows: there's an error when generating ACKs to INVITE messages, when there is a PRACK request between the INVITE and the ACK. The ACK contains the CSeq number corresponding to the PRACK, and should have the CSeq of the original INVITE ...
Other labels: sip-ra, kb-entry
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