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SMPP API 2.1 (Dev Portal)
Author rbrunton apijavadoc smpp/2.1/smpp2.1javadoc/index.html apizip smpp/2.1/ releasenotes smpp/2.1/CHANGELOG.txt
SMPP API 2.2 (Dev Portal)
Author dhodson apijavadoc smppratype/2.2/smppratype2.2javadoc/index.html apizip releasenotes
SMPP Bound API (Dev Portal)
Author matt Short message Peertopeer Protocol API
SMPP Bound API 1.2.2 (Dev Portal)
Author matt apijavadoc smppbound/1.2.2/smppbound1.2.2javadoc/index.html apizip smppbound/1.2.2/ releasenotes smppbound/1.2.2/CHANGELOG.txt
SMPP Bound API 2.0.0 (Dev Portal)
Author sam apijavadoc smppbound/2.0.0/smppbound2.0.0javadoc/index.html apizip smppbound/2.0.0/ releasenotes smppbound/2.0.0/CHANGELOG.txt
SOAP API (Dev Portal)
Author matt The Rhino SLEE SOAP Resource Adaptor allows SLEE services to receive SOAP requests as events, and initiate SOAP requests to external systems
SOAP API 1.0 (Dev Portal)
Author matt apijavadoc soap/1.0/soap1.0javadoc/index.html apizip soap/1.0/ releasenotes
SOAP API 2.1 (Dev Portal)
Author bsd apijavadoc soap/2.1/soap2.1javadoc/index.html apizip soap/2.1/
SS7 APIs (Dev Portal)
Author matt
Superceded APIs (Dev Portal)
Author davidp \\ These APIs have all be superceded by new, superior products in the OpenCloud portfolio. Each of the API descriptions here include a reference to the API that replaces it. OpenCloud recommends you avoid using these APIs for new projects
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