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CGIN APIs (Dev Portal)
Author ian OpenCloud APIs for SS7 covering ETSI INAP CS1, MAP, CAP v1, CAP v2, CAP v3 and CAP v4
CGIN APIs 1.1 (INAP, MAP, CAP) (Dev Portal)
Author ian apijavadoc cgin/1.1/cgin1.1javadoc/index.html apizip cgin/1.1/ releasenotes
CGIN APIs 1.2 (INAP, MAP, CAP) (Dev Portal)
Author ian apijavadoc cgin/1.2.1/cgin1.2.1javadoc/index.html apizip cgin/1.2.1/ releasenotes
CGIN APIs 1.3 (INAP, MAP, CAP) (Dev Portal)
Author ian apijavadoc cgin/1.3.0/cgin1.3.0javadoc/index.html apizip cgin/1.3.0/
CGIN APIs 1.4 (INAP, MAP, CAP) (Dev Portal)
Author ian apijavadoc cgin/1.4/cgin1.4javadoc/index.html apizip cgin/1.4/
CGIN APIs 1.5 (INAP, MAP, CAP) (Dev Portal)
Author dhodson apijavadoc cgin/1.5/cgin1.5javadoc/index.html apizip releasenotes
DB Query API (Dev Portal)
Author tradd API that details how to send both transactional and nontransactional asynchronous queries, as well as synchronous queries
DB Query API 1.2 (Dev Portal)
Author tradd apijavadoc dbqueryratype/1.2.0/dbqueryratype1.2.0.2javadoc/index.html apizip dbqueryratype/1.2.0/ releasenotes
Diameter APIs (Dev Portal)
Author matt The APIs for Diameter 2.6 and later are now included in the documentation set for that version Rhino Documentation. Links to older APIs are available below
Diameter Base API (Dev Portal)
Author matt Diameter Base protocol and accounting (RFC 3588
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