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EasySIP API 1.2 (Dev Portal)
Author bsd apijavadoc easysip/1.2/easysip1.2javadoc/index.html apizip easysip/1.2/ releasenotes
FSMTool Runtime API (Dev Portal)
Author charlie FSMTool Runtime API used by generated code
FSMTool Runtime API 0.8.3 (Dev Portal)
Author charlie apijavadoc fsmtool/0.8.3/fsmtool0.8.3javadoc/index.html apizip fsmtool/0.8.3/ releasenotes
FSMTool Runtime API 0.8.5 (Dev Portal)
apijavadoc fsmtool/0.8.5/fsmtool0.8.5javadoc/index.html apizip fsmtool/0.8.5/ releasenotes
FSMTool Runtime API 1.0.1 (Dev Portal)
Author tradd apijavadoc fsmtool/1.0.1/fsmtool1.0.1javadoc/index.html apizip fsmtool/1.0.1/ releasenotes
HTTP API (Dev Portal)
Author matt HTTP interface for SLEE services. Applications can receive incoming HTTP requests and initiate outgoing HTTP requests. A subset of HTTP/1.1 supported
HTTP API 1.0 (Dev Portal)
Author matt apijavadoc http/1.0/http1.0javadoc/index.html apizip http/1.0/ releasenotes
HTTP API 1.1 (Dev Portal)
Author matt apijavadoc http/1.1/http1.1javadoc/index.html apizip http/1.1/ releasenotes
HTTP API 2.1 (Dev Portal)
Author bsd apijavadoc http/2.1/http2.1javadoc/index.html apizip http/2.1/
INAP API (Dev Portal)
Author ian OpenCloud API for the SS7 protocol ETSI INAP CS1
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