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Educational Community License (Dev Portal)
Educational Community License provides various advantages to educational organizations, such as access to the production version of OpenCloud's products. Click here Educational Community License for more information and to apply, free of charge, for a license
Engineering Blog (Dev Portal)
Starting from today, the OpenCloud Engineering Blog ENGBLOG: is available online. The blog will be written by software developers and architects that use or develop software based on OpenCloud products and technologies. Everyone is invite to submit an article (there is no restriction regarding the participants). Check ...
FSM Tool 0.8.5 Released (Dev Portal)
FSM Tool 0.8.5 released and available in the download area Downloads. Documentation available here FSMD: and change log available here OCDEV:2009/05/06/FSM Tool 0.8.5 Released#ChangeLog. ChangeLog Removed support for JAIN SLEE 1.0 Support for OpenCloud ...
HTTP RA (Dev Portal)
New release of HTTP RA Supporting different bind address configurations HTTP RA Download OCDEV:Downloads
HTTP RA (Dev Portal)
New maintenance release of HTTP RA is now available for download. OpenCloud Downloads OCDEV:Downloads
IN Connectivity Pack 2.1_01 released (Dev Portal)
release fixes decoding and encoding of some MAP User Errors
IN Connectivity Pack 2.1_02 released (Dev Portal)
You can download it from the Downloads DWNLD: section. The 2.1 GA and 2.101 erroneously included backends for Signalware SP5 update C on RedHat AS4 instead of SP5 update 6. This release now includes the correct SP5 update 6 ...
IN Connectivity Pack 2.1 released (Dev Portal)
Main focus of this release is updated to GSM MAP support IN MAP RA changes: Added private extension support. Operations and datatypes which support extensions extend the MapExtensionGetter and MapExtensionSetter interfaces. Added ReportSMDeliveryStatus and AlertServiceCentre operations, and new user error ...
IN Connectivity Pack 3.1-02 Released (Dev Portal)
Connectivity Pack 3.102 released and available in the download area Downloads. ChangeLog available here OCDEV:2009/04/06/IN Connectivity Pack 3.102 Released#ChangeLog. ChangeLog Fixed an issue where TCP connection write queues could grow indefinitely ...
IN Connectivity Pack 3.1 released (Dev Portal)
Connectivity Pack 3.1 released and available in the download area Downloads. ChangeLog available here OCDEV:2008/12/19/IN Connectivity Pack 3.1 released#ChangeLog. ChangeLog IS41: Added RedirectionRequest operation. IS41: Added dmhredirectionIndicator support to AnalyzedInformationRequest. IS41: Fix ...
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