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IN Suite Release (Dev Portal)
Following suite of products are now available and provide support for ANSI SCCP. OCSS7 CGIN SIS CGIN Scenario Pack
JAIN SLEE 1.1 specification has been released! (Dev Portal)
Homedownloadslee1.1.png! JSLEE RI and TCK JAIN SLEE 1.1 builds on JAIN SLEE 1.0 with a number of exciting features: The resource adaptor ...
Java 8 - 9 Support (Dev Portal)
Java 8 is NOT supported due to a known issue with Java Metaspace handling. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metaspace This error occurs in certain configurations of Sentinel VoLTE TAS when VoLTE is being installed. This issue has ...
Java 8u172 Certified (Dev Portal)
Java 8u172 is now certified and supported. We have now certified Rhino and Sentinel VoLTE against Java 8u172 and verified the OOME isuue in Metaspace has been resolved. Please use Java 8u172 or later in your solutions
JSLEE Application Compendium launched (Dev Portal)
Compendium presents several categories of revenuegenerating applications from OpenCloud, OpenCloud partners, or developed by Telcos for Rhino. OpenCloud designed the Compendium to generate awareness of the evergrowing list of JAIN SLEE applications supported on the OpenCloud Rhino platform. We regularly update ...
JSLEE PMD Rules 0.7 Released (Dev Portal)
JSLEE PMD Rules 0.7 released and available in the download area Downloads. The JSLEE PMD rules are a set of static code analysis rules to prevent common bugs and enforce best practices when developing JSLEE applications. The tool integrates with your ...
JSLEE Presentation at Jazoon09 (Dev Portal)
David Ferry, JSLEE specification lead, was at the Jazoon09 Java conference to give a talk about JSLEE 1.1. Jazoon is one of the biggest Java conferences in Europe. The talk had the title: "JSLEE 1.1: Overview and Concepts". See the abstract ...
Latest Rhino 2.3.1 Patch Release now available (Dev Portal)
OpenCloud have released Rhino This release contains some significant performance improvements and several bug fixes. For details of the enhancements take a look at the changelog
LDAP RA is now available (Dev Portal)
LDAP Resource Adaptor is now available for public downloads, to download the latest version of the LDAP RA please visit the OpenCloud download area DownloadPage. For more information about the LDAP RA, please follow ...
LDAP Resource Adaptor 2.2.0 released (Dev Portal)
OpenCloud have released version 2.2.0 of the LDAP Resource Adaptor LDAP. This minor update adds a new example service that sends queries to an LDAP server, as well as providing a new configuration property used to specify a list of result codes ...
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