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How do I submit a bug report to OpenCloud?

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Getting help

While we stand by the quality of our software, it is a fact of life that nobody is perfect... and there will inevitably be times when something is not working as you expect... or something is not clear... or you are just not sure what the right thing to do is. This guide explains how you get help from OpenCloud!

Is the question already answered?

If you see an obvious error message it is also a good idea to see if an answer to your problem already exists. Search our Knowledge Base, our How-to Guides and Rhino Documentation. If the problem you're experiencing is related to how JAIN SLEE works, we recommend that you also check the appropriate section of the SLEE specification, just in case it is actually intended behaviour.

Try the Dev Portal Forums

Consider asking about your problem in our public Forums — that way you are likely to get responses from both OpenCloud and from any of the growing JSLEE community. The more questions that are answered publicly, the better our online resources will be.

Submit a support request

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