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How-to Prepare a Service for Production?

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What to consider before deploying a service

Before deploying a JSLEE service in a production environment (such as an operator's live network), developers should: make sure it fulfills all functional requirements, run it through series of tests in a similar production environment, and prepare common deployment procedures.
Read before executing
This article presents tasks that development and test teams should consider before signing off a service to deployment. These may be especially useful when preparing development and test plans.

This article assumes that developers and testers have a good knowledge of JSLEE and Rhino. Its scope is to discuss and suggest best practices that may be overlooked or undervalued, rather than to comprehensively list all points to consider before deploying a service. For example, it does not address service functional behavior nor any other service specifics.

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Below are three phases of deployment considerations: development, testing, and pre-deployment.

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