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How should SLEE applications persist data?

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Profiles or a relational database?

Should you use JAIN SLEE (JSLEE) profiles or a relational database to store and persist data?

This is probably one of the most common design questions among JSLEE architects. The answer depends on many variables, including: the amount of data, the complexity of the data model, the data usage, the performance requirements, and the cost restrictions.

Below is a suggested process for deciding which persistence resource to use — assuming a scenario without data, or only data that the SLEE cannot access directly (in other words, assuming no existing persistence resources). This includes:

  • a review of the options available for storing and persisting data with a JAIN SLEE
  • implementation considerations for profiles and relational databases
  • a decision tree for finding the best solution
  • recommendations for deploying that solution
  • other recommended usages for profiles.

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