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How do I clean up local variables as an SBB object is returned to the pool?

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There does not appear to be a way to clean up local variables before an SBB is returned to the pool. The SBBRemove will always be called when the SBBs are being unassociated with the entity but this will only clear the last set of SBBs. After running 20 cps for 8-10 hours we see the available heap size continually shrinking and when calls are stopped a forced GC only clears the heap to about 50%. So it appears there is a memory leak based on these results. If there was a memory leak I would expect the heap to continually get worse and produce an out of memory error. However I have now been running 20 cps for over 24 hours. The heap usage seems to be stable out over time. Based on the jconsole graph the heap usage bounces between 750M to 950M with an occasional drop to 650M or so. This seems rather high to me.


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