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Do you handle Presence & Publish in SIP RA?

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We would like to know if the application server has a module for subscriptions (rfc3265) or something to manage subscription events: the most common example is a module to manage presence, where some people subscribe themselves to other people presences and are notified when any of these presences changes. If the application has this functionality, does it support the PUBLISH SIP method (rfc3903)? This is tipically used by the person that changes the presence in order to notify (but not with a NOTIFY but with a PUBLISH SIP message) this change to the subscription manager (if so, the application server). If the application server has something with this functionality, could it manage other types of events (i mean header 'Event' in the SIP messages)? That is, instead of use the 'Event=presence' header for the presence event, we would like to use 'Event=myEvent' to manage any subscription. It would be useful for us if the application server could manage the subscriptions to this events (manage properly the SUBSCRIBE-NOTIFY-PUBLISH SIP messages and the functionality explained above) or has something similar that could be used.


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